Sonia and Paul Farm Pre Wedding St Cyrus

Great fun meeting up with Sonia and Paul at their family farm in St Cyrus. We can’t wait to return there in may when we reckon it’s gonna look a wee bit different, their plans to turn it into a wedding venue sound epic.

1 st-cyrus-pre-wedding-1-of-99 st-cyrus-pre-wedding-3-of-99 st-cyrus-pre-wedding-10-of-99 st-cyrus-pre-wedding-11-of-99 st-cyrus-pre-wedding-15-of-99 st-cyrus-pre-wedding-21-of-99 st-cyrus-pre-wedding-23-of-99 st-cyrus-pre-wedding-24-of-99 st-cyrus-pre-wedding-27-of-99 st-cyrus-pre-wedding-29-of-99 st-cyrus-pre-wedding-34-of-99 st-cyrus-pre-wedding-37-of-99 st-cyrus-pre-wedding-40-of-99 st-cyrus-pre-wedding-45-of-99st-cyrus-pre-wedding-42-of-99 st-cyrus-pre-wedding-69-of-99breznerst-cyrus-pre-wedding-74-of-99 st-cyrus-pre-wedding-77-of-99st-cyrus-pre-wedding-87-of-99st-cyrus-pre-wedding-78-of-99 st-cyrus-pre-wedding-83-of-99 st-cyrus-pre-wedding-91-of-99st-cyrus-pre-wedding-96-of-99 st-cyrus-pre-wedding-93-of-99

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