About Us


Hiya, I’m Alan, I love shooting weddings and to be honest I can’t believe I get to call this my job. 

What do you want to know? ///

I love campervans and have gone through 7 of them. As well as being a photographer i’m a Graphic Designer. My favourite city is Berlin. Grand Designs is the best. I grew up listening to the likes of Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins and Alice in Chains and spent most of my childhood in a band. I love coffee, Pale Ale, Alan Partridge and tattoo’s and I bloody hate getting my photo taken. Yup, that’s pretty strange given my profession. I also love Jalapeños more than what is probably deemed acceptable. I love being creative and spending every wedding day with my best pal.


Hi, I’m Gill and i’m a wedding photographer, i’ve no idea how this happened but i’m sure glad it did.

What do you want to know? ///

As well as being a photographer, I’m a wife to my handsome husband (he made me say that) and Mama to our two beautiful boys and our little fox dog. I’m also a trained Early Years Practitioner. I love shoes, boots, shoes, hats and shoes. My favourite film is The Wizard of Oz. I love Fry’s Turkish Delight. I communicate through Gifs. I’m on a never ending quest to find the worlds best Mac & Cheese. Alan is my rock, he introduced me to photography and I like to think I introduced him to weddings. We are a great wee team. I love our partnership and I love weddings; the fun, the shoes, the hugs, the shoes, the tears, the shoes, the laughter, the mischief and most of all the sticky toffee puddings.

Formal stuff is boring, right?

Your wedding is all about your favourite people, the food, the music and the vibe. If there is something cool we will shoot it. Alot of the time you won’t even notice us, we’ll be photographing the tiny details, the atmosphere, the love, the mischief. We don’t order your guests around and tell people where to stand – It’s about real people doing real things. 

As you’ll see from our galleries and blog, there’s hardly any group shots, and when they do appear, they’ve been taken in a fun, chilled and informal manner. If we are totally honest we’re not lovers of shooting a gazillion group photos. Nobody wants the most boring photoshoot ever and to run over time. 

Don’t get us wrong, we are totally cool with doing a few group shots. Parents love a few mantelpiece shots but this is YOUR day so we want you to relax and have the most amazing time you can, not to be stressed out if you’ve missed a shot of Aunty Betty. It’s about fun and laughter and how it felt to be there. We love to tell YOUR story.