Traditional… we try not to be!

As you’ll see from our galleries and blog, there’s hardly any group shots, and when they do appear, they’ve been taken in a fun, chilled and very informal manner. If we are totally honest we’re not lovers of shooting group photos. We used to work from big long lists, dozens of family photos, where everyone looked stiff and uncomfortable, the bride and groom would quickly get annoyed at the most boring photoshoot ever and everything would run over time. You, your guests and us certainly don’t want this, working from a massive list does not tend to produce creative and stylish images. As soon as we cut back on the lists we started taking far more stunning and real pictures that couples fall in love with.

Don’t get us wrong, we are totally cool with doing a few group shots. Parents love a few mantelpiece shots but this is your day so we want you to relax and have the most amazing time you can, not to be stressed out if you’ve missed a shot of Aunty Lynn.

We try to blend in with your guests and capture candid moments, if there is something cool we will shoot it. Alot of time you won’t even notice us, we’ll be photographing the tiny details, the atmosphere, the venue, the love, the bigger picture.

The only time where we would need you to ourselves is to take you both away to do the portraits, usually after the ceremony. It shouldn’t be any longer than 30 minutes to an hour, it’ll be super easy, relaxed and a good laugh. We won’t ask you to do anything you feel uncomfortable with, and we most definitely won’t get you doing anything tacky or cheesy. If you have booked a pre-wedding shoot with us it’ll be a breeze come wedding day but even if you haven’t met us, it’ll be cool, trust us!

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Dundee, Fife, Angus, Perth or indeed anywhere in Scotland and overseas check out our blog and drop us a line.

Photo Album

Our beautiful 50 page hardback photo album. 21 x 28cm portrait book with lay flat binding and lustre finish. The hardcover of these photo books will feature your names on the cover and spine.  Supplied in beautiful black presentation box.

We also offer a smaller 34 page 19 x 15cm landscape hardback photo book with perfect binding and lustre finish.  This can be used as a gift to family or friends or as a unique guest book containing your pre wedding photos and space for guests to write their special messages.

Designed by us, proofed by you.

Presentation USB

Our presentation USB Drives.
Quirky wooden USB flash drive containing your digital wedding photos. Supplied in a beautifully branded kraft nest box to keep your digital images safe for a lifetime.