Lynsey and Marks Wedding at Rufflets, St. Andrews

Lynsey and Marks Wedding at Rufflets Country House and Hotel in St. Andrews was such a joy to shoot. Both sides of the family were so welcoming and alot of fun. Rufflets is always gorgeous to photograph and at this time of year the colours were just amazing. Lynsey looked oh so beautiful in her wedding dress walking down the aisle to Marion’s Theme from Indiana Jones (AWESOME!) and the best men speech complete with projector was the funniest we’ve heard…. lots of love and laughter on the day. They are a lovely couple and we wish them so much happiness in their new adventure together.

rufflets-wedding-photo-1 rufflets-wedding-photo-2 rufflets-wedding-photo-3 rufflets-wedding-photo-4 rufflets-wedding-photo-5 rufflets-wedding-photo-6 rufflets-wedding-photo-7 rufflets-wedding-photo-8 rufflets-wedding-photo-9 rufflets-wedding-photo-10 rufflets-wedding-photo-11 rufflets-wedding-photo-12 rufflets-wedding-photo-13 rufflets-wedding-photo-14 rufflets-wedding-photo-15 rufflets-wedding-photo-16 rufflets-wedding-photo-17 rufflets-wedding-photo-18 rufflets-wedding-photo-19 rufflets-wedding-photo-20 rufflets-wedding-photo-21 rufflets-wedding-photo-22 rufflets-wedding-photo-23 rufflets-wedding-photo-24 rufflets-wedding-photo-25 rufflets-wedding-photo-26 rufflets-wedding-photo-27 rufflets-wedding-photo-28 rufflets-wedding-photo-29 rufflets-wedding-photo-30 rufflets-wedding-photo-31 rufflets-wedding-photo-32 rufflets-wedding-photo-33 rufflets-wedding-photo-34 rufflets-wedding-photo-35 rufflets-wedding-photo-36 rufflets-wedding-photo-37 rufflets-wedding-photo-38 rufflets-wedding-photo-39 rufflets-wedding-photo-40 rufflets-wedding-photo-41 rufflets-wedding-photo-42 rufflets-wedding-photo-43 rufflets-wedding-photo-44 rufflets-wedding-photo-45 rufflets-wedding-photo-46 rufflets-wedding-photo-47 rufflets-wedding-photo-48 rufflets-wedding-photo-49 rufflets-wedding-photo-50 rufflets-wedding-photo-51 rufflets-wedding-photo-52 rufflets-wedding-photo-53 rufflets-wedding-photo-54 rufflets-wedding-photo-55 rufflets-wedding-photo-56 rufflets-wedding-photo-57 rufflets-wedding-photo-58 rufflets-wedding-photo-59 rufflets-wedding-photo-60 rufflets-wedding-photo-61

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